Nonprofit Technology: Case Management Software Research Study
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Adopting Operational Software for Nonprofits

See How Nonprofits are Using Technology to Secure More Funding, Identify Organizational Issues, and Impact More Lives

Nonprofit organizations are not exempt from the impact of technology. In a recent study by NAPCO Research, it was reported that half of all nonprofits now use an off-the-shelf technology platform to manage cases and operational data. However, only one quarter of case management technology owners report that they receive full benefit from their platform. In this study, you can learn best practices when choosing a technology for your organization, and specific benefits that can ensue.

This Study Identifies: 

  • Types of technology NPOs are adopting
  • Challenges NPOs are facing in adopting new systems
  • The impact technology has on operational efficiency
  • Opportunities that stem from the adoption of advanced technology

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